“What’s the difference between an idea and a concept? It’s a bit like the difference between cooking a good meal and running a chain of restaurants. In business we just commonly confuse the two.”

Conceptual Thinking is the individual skill in creating multiple ideas fast, cutting through complexity and developing them into powerful Concepts.

Conceptual Thinking fuels and directs inspiration by allowing individuals to create and nurture ideas. This type of ‘creative’ thinking is seen as a gift or talent- it is not, it is a skill. How does it work? By combining the structure of business- and moonshot attitude of creative processes. You start applying the structure through tools that unlock the non-linear, creative thoughts and combine the power of the two- over time it becomes an intuitive skill. Conceptual Thinking teaches you to always focus on the bigger picture, look at all the variables and distill a plan. To take charge of a project and make it your own, to drive it like you stole it 😉 

“This way of thinking opened my eyes in how to effectively map problems and projects. What really worked for me was using ‘non technical’ cases which made it much easier to examine the bigger picture, otherwise lost in material qualities and other requirements. Looking at all the stakeholders from the start is something I now apply in my daily work in finding better solutions.”

Kim, research scientist High Tech Campus, Eindhoven

Conceptual Thinking= structured ‘creative’, abstract thinking