When developing products or services it is key to balance three main factors- feasibility, desirability and viability. This holistic approach to r&d speeds up the analysis phase and and creates a comprehensive concept. This not only helps direct the subsequent development and prototyping phases but installs a business logic early on, ensuring that the final product can not be built but serves a purpose. 

-We start with a comprehensive briefing with our client and prepare a project dossier based on design research we do before the session.

-We use design to create visualisations as well as orchestrate the entire session down to the smallest detail- all aimed at achieving the common goal of creating the best possible concept at the end of the ideation phase.

-Every project and every client is different so we match the format to best suit the composition of the group and their workflow dividing our efforts and those of the client’s team.

-Our broad experience and expert knowledge of the ideation process combined with the specialists of our clients allows us to cut through complexity and advance through the ideation phase fast and efficiently.

The results

  • vastly improved project definition through elimination and focus of the initial client briefing
  • better understanding of the entire scope of the project from the start- the opportunities and consequences
  • clearer stakeholder negotiations as a result of a focussed concept as opposed to a generic briefing
  • controlled and inclusive ideation process


above: Modular, personal hotel Spa concept aimed at developers and investors