What: 5 week Online Masterclass in Conceptual Thinking. Become an expert in ‘big picture thinking’ and learn the secrets to value adding features for products and services in the experience economy.  This is a course for all professionals, it is not specifically targeted at creatives. It teaches you how to ‘turn on’ inspiration and focus your thinking to map and mine the entire world your project lives in. It turns hunches and insights into transformative Concepts.

Why: The goal of the course is to enable you to apply ‘big picture’ thinking skills fast- to complex issues in daily work, strategic projects as well as creative processes. Experiences, Facts and Figures- they are all vital to the success of your products and services but need to be distilled in a powerful, precise concept to end up with the right result.

Through this course you will learn and be able to direct your abstract thinking at will, improving your ability to generate powerful ideas and cultivate them leading to clearly defined, value adding concepts. It will allow you to listen with the same mindset, cutting through complexity. Finally it will teach you to speak the language of ideation and make it a measurable step in  every project.

How: The online course has a practical set up. All content is configured in micro modules to allow you to immerse yourself in the course and immediately apply the knowledge you’ve learned in exercises. 5 weeks- two weekly assignments combined with video lectures and keynotes that take 1 hour and 15 minutes each time to complete. You do the work within set deadlines when you have time, individually. Total learning effort is app. 16-18 hrs in 5 weeks.  

Format: We schedule one or two combined Masterclasses each year for companies who are interested in seeing what it brings to their organisation. Let us know if you’d like to find out more about the set up and dates.

  • over 2 1/2 hrs of video lectures and spoken keynotes in short bursts
  • 3x 2 1/2 hour F2F sessions with the class and instructor
  • a shared learning experience with professionals
  • 8 in depth assignments where you apply the knowledge directly
  • personal feedback for each assignment
  • weekly group video feedback
  • a certificate of completion

Tuition: The investment for this in depth course starts at €1015 (ex VAT) per participant with a minimum of 3 per company and with a maximum per class of 18. 


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