Conceptual Thinking-workshop

We conduct workshops on the ideation process using the stages and structure of Conceptual Thinking. We’ve worked on topics ranging from change management to concept creation. Typically we sit down together and match our method to the context and challenge of the group. We combine bits of relevant information with tools that people can take away and use- with group and individual exercises to experience it first hand. We use theĀ group setting to apply anĀ individual approach to developing ideas & concepts uncovering the unique set of perspectives within a project.

Marijn is a permanent faculty member at the acclaimed Design Academy where he teaches one course every semester. He holds an MsC degree which he focussed on developing Conceptual Thinking. He also works with the Association of Dutch Municipalities on bottom up innovation.

examples of projects: Association of Dutch Municipalities- Initiate program, Ministry of Education- Masterclass on design thinking for top students, Dutch Association of Board Members & Supervisory Board Members- workshop on Conceptual Thinking